Family Folktales: What Are Yours?

 Have you ever sat at the family holiday table listening to familiar family stories about how Grandma Rose came to this  country or Uncle Ned fought in World War II and thought, I want to remember this for my children?


In this 42-page workbook you will discover:

        How to identify stories based on people, events and things

      How to begin writing using a simple, easy writing technique

      How to capture your thoughts, feelings and recollections in a variety of forms including prose, poetry and fiction

      How to include photographs and other visual elements

      How to share your family folktales with relatives and friends 





Preserve the heroic adventures and small everyday triumphs

 of your ancestors and relatives as family folktales, rich historically based stories drawn from the folklore of your family table.


What Others Are Saying:

"This family folktales workbook makes writing family stories fun and easy.  It offers a variety of suggestions to show how people can find their way into their own stories. It also explains how a blend of memory and imagination can generate heartwarming tales and gives helpful examples of personal stories based on enticing, playful, and serious themes."

                                          Shellee Davis, M.A., Registered Expressive Arts Therapist

"Family Folktales is designed to help even the most novice writers hone their creativity and turn past and present events into interesting and memorable folktales. This book offers an opportunity to put into words all those tales your grandfather told you when you were a child. Family Folktales is a gift for the family and yourself. Preserve your family’s history and have fun doing it, too.”

Michael Tonjum, Ph.D., Executive Director, Lifeworks

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