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Each online gathering includes an introduction
to season-related poetry, prose, and folklore as well as prompts for in-class writing.

  Writers of all levels welcome - Class size limited to 6

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March Mug Cake

 Elbaroda’s Ostara Honey Mug Cake

We are in a time of rebirth and what better time 
to honor ourselves than with a little birthday treat!

Ingredients Treat each ingredient as a sacred element to your witch's brew.

2 T butter - an ancient token of magical transformation

1 T runny honey (melted) - a symbol of immortality and rebirth

1 med egg - a symbol for fertility, creation, prosperity

1/2 t vanilla extract - the only edible orchid fruit- aids in cultivating inner peace

3 T light brown sugar- sensuous sexuality, for the ladies!

4 T self-rising flour * recipe follows - a source of strength and a supplier of energy to get this MOJO flowing!

1 C all-purpose flour

1 ½ t baking powder

¼ t salt pinch of salt to tether us to the ground while we imbue ourselves with our intentions.

Frosting Recipe

2T butter, softened

4T confectioners’ sugar


Choose a couple of fragrant ingredients to customize your honey cake. There are many wonderful and magical combinations, and if you have an ingredient in your cupboard that you are just aching to use, go for it, let your intuition and creativity fly!

Basil - for Astral travel, protection, Cardamom - an aphrodisiac, feminine in nature and useful when calling upon eloquence, Cinnamon - used in consecration, or to tap into the divine connection, Ginger - courage, confidence, Lavender - Healing, invoking relaxation Lemon zest - cleansing, banish negativity, draw in happiness, and joy, Mint - protection, virtue, Orange zest - prosperity, abundance, Rosemary - love, remembrance, Rosewater- opening the heart Chakra to receive love! Sage – wisdom, Thyme - courage, sacrifice.

To Make: Use a microwave safe mug. Add butter, melt butter in the microwave, yes, we are modern *itches! Stir in melted honey, sugar, egg, and vanilla, mix well. Add flour, salt, and your chosen herbs or spices and mix to a smooth consistency.

Once blended, pop that sucker in the microwave for 1 min and 30 seconds or 1 min and 15 seconds if your microwave is on high. Drizzle with honey or prepared frosting. Enjoy!

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Write Into Blogzine 2

               WRITE INTO classes include  season-related poems, prose, and folklore prompts.
 Small class setting
is designed to generate
writing material.
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Winter 2022 

Winter Solstice Stephen J. Bryson

The arrival of the Winter Solstice is the dawn of increasing light.  A return to the warmth of Spring and Summer, months only recently past.  It is now that daylight grows, a harbinger of Spring’s stirring of life yet to be.  But in these days and months that lay at our doorstep, there is not only the promise of better things to be.  There is also a sober realization of the sheer beauty and bounty that Winter’s cold breath reveals.  There are the beautiful colors of barks, shaggy, scaled, and smooth.  There is the wonderous interplay of birds of all shapes and sizes hopping and pecking within the snow, or out on the rain-soaked landscape appearing just before us.  There is the openness of the tree canopy, shorn of its’ leaves revealing vistas hidden during Spring and early Summer.


Write Into Winter in Your Own Words

 Writing Into Winter: February

 Write Into Winter offers two distinct opportunities to writers of all levels to write about this season in their own words.  Each month offers in-class writing prompts and an introduction to season-related poetry, prose, and folklore.
Class size limited to 6. 

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Switching Places


I pour over puzzle pieces, longing
to connect the flat paperboard cutouts
into tongue and groove combinations calling forth 
a jigsaw riverboat paddling the Missouri,
or a southwestern pepper fair, people dancing.
For hours I can be in someone else’s picture.
Mine is a raging pandemic, fierce wildfires,
and months of shelter-in-place, while outside,
a thirsty lawn suffers from drought and my neighbor’s
thread bare COVID-19 mask clings to rocks between driveways,
six-feet-away from everything.


Shaman Spring Party


Shaman spring begins at dawn

when inner-night mushrooms up

towards the heavens of day

where spirits, unseen by the naked eye,

drum-circle hearts until open.


Being at home here, you, me,

frogs, pond, lichen, rocks, and bark—

rugged or smooth--

still above underground mycelia

ever-churning death back into life.


In this year’s coming out celebration

hosts, guests, and omens gather

in the open air and clink wine glasses

of dusk rose’ before sunset swirls

it into moonrise merlot.