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March Mug Cake

 Elbaroda’s Ostara Honey Mug Cake

We are in a time of rebirth and what better time 
to honor ourselves than with a little birthday treat!

Ingredients Treat each ingredient as a sacred element to your witch's brew.

2 T butter - an ancient token of magical transformation

1 T runny honey (melted) - a symbol of immortality and rebirth

1 med egg - a symbol for fertility, creation, prosperity

1/2 t vanilla extract - the only edible orchid fruit- aids in cultivating inner peace

3 T light brown sugar- sensuous sexuality, for the ladies!

4 T self-rising flour * recipe follows - a source of strength and a supplier of energy to get this MOJO flowing!

1 C all-purpose flour

1 ½ t baking powder

¼ t salt pinch of salt to tether us to the ground while we imbue ourselves with our intentions.

Frosting Recipe

2T butter, softened

4T confectioners’ sugar


Choose a couple of fragrant ingredients to customize your honey cake. There are many wonderful and magical combinations, and if you have an ingredient in your cupboard that you are just aching to use, go for it, let your intuition and creativity fly!

Basil - for Astral travel, protection, Cardamom - an aphrodisiac, feminine in nature and useful when calling upon eloquence, Cinnamon - used in consecration, or to tap into the divine connection, Ginger - courage, confidence, Lavender - Healing, invoking relaxation Lemon zest - cleansing, banish negativity, draw in happiness, and joy, Mint - protection, virtue, Orange zest - prosperity, abundance, Rosemary - love, remembrance, Rosewater- opening the heart Chakra to receive love! Sage – wisdom, Thyme - courage, sacrifice.

To Make: Use a microwave safe mug. Add butter, melt butter in the microwave, yes, we are modern *itches! Stir in melted honey, sugar, egg, and vanilla, mix well. Add flour, salt, and your chosen herbs or spices and mix to a smooth consistency.

Once blended, pop that sucker in the microwave for 1 min and 30 seconds or 1 min and 15 seconds if your microwave is on high. Drizzle with honey or prepared frosting. Enjoy!

To learn more about this cake, click here

Get Ekphrastic: Folk Art

Write about this painted chair

Guidelines for March 30, 2022 Online Anthology

·      One unpublished submission.

·     Prose/Prose Poem: 180 word limit. Poetry: 30 single space lines (includes stanza  breaks).

·     Please, no special formatting. Standard 12 pt. font.  No ID on the submission.

·     Send as word.doc or word.docx attachment to  Subject line: Folk Art: Title of Submission. Include name, email, and social media handles in body of email only.  Author retains all rights.

·     Submit: February 18-28, 2022. 

*Ekphrastic is a term that describes the practice of using words to comment on a piece of visual art (i.e, painting, photograph, sculpture) and has been around since ancient times. For example, in The Iliad, Homer provided a lengthy, discursive account of the elaborate scenes embossed on the shield of Achilles. The word ekphrasis is a combination of two Greek words: ex (out) and phrazein (to point out, explain).

Folk art, in general – art made by folk - is “decorative” art applied to functional (often everyday) items. Popular examples include weather vanes, pitchers, clocks, quilts, and plates. More details