Write Into Blogzine 2

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WRITE INTO Blogzine 2 
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Winter 2022 

Winter Solstice Stephen J. Bryson

The arrival of the Winter Solstice is the dawn of increasing light.  A return to the warmth of Spring and Summer, months only recently past.  It is now that daylight grows, a harbinger of Spring’s stirring of life yet to be.  But in these days and months that lay at our doorstep, there is not only the promise of better things to be.  There is also a sober realization of the sheer beauty and bounty that Winter’s cold breath reveals.  There are the beautiful colors of barks, shaggy, scaled, and smooth.  There is the wonderous interplay of birds of all shapes and sizes hopping and pecking within the snow, or out on the rain-soaked landscape appearing just before us.  There is the openness of the tree canopy, shorn of its’ leaves revealing vistas hidden during Spring and early Summer.


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